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PHYSICAL GOLD RUN: “There is Not One Single Ounce of Gold Available for Sale in Bangkok!”

from Silver Doctors:

gold run SD reader Anders has submitted a boots-on-the ground report from Bangkok Thailand, which is normally flooded with physical gold. In the wake of this week’s massive gold take-down by the cartel, Anders reports that:

EVERY Gold-shop in Bangkok is out of Bullion…there is not 1 single ounce of gold bullion available for purchase in the entire city of Bangkok! The Gold is going down in price like everyone is selling… while there is NO PHYSICAL to buy at all in all Thailand!

Full first-hand report from SD reader Anders:

Hi Doc, I live in Thailand and am 100% invested in PM. Today when I walked by a Gold-shop here in Bangkok, there was a long queue outside. Since I’m curious and also have seen how the cartel has smashed down the Gold the last 2 days I walked in and asked whats happening… and not 1 ounce is possible to buy. (they only have some jewellery for sell)To buy Bullion you must order and wait (at least) 5 days… and you can only order 2.5 ounce per person. And they stopped taking orders at 3pm today as well.

I saw later long long queue outside many Gold-shops.. and the info I got was that there is not 1 ounce of Gold-bullion to buy in the whole Bangkok.(possibly the whole Thailand) The Gold is going down in price like everyone is selling.. while there is no Phyzz to buy at all in the whole Thailand.

The cartels naked -shorting is hilariously obvious now.

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13 comments to PHYSICAL GOLD RUN: “There is Not One Single Ounce of Gold Available for Sale in Bangkok!”

  • [email protected]

    Folks, something is afoot in the silver market RIGHT NOW, like this weekend. Tulving is sold out of all Silver Eagles – I have never seen this before. He is also sold out of all 90%. In fact, he is sold out of silver in most categories. Silver is vanishing!

  • John


  • Brian

    LOL they are NOT Sold out…dealers pull inventory when their is a profit loss…come on guys,use your heads!

    I know two coin dealers that will claim they are out of gold/silver if they have to sell at a loss.They just say they have none to sell right now.Right now everybody is losing (even the PM dealers) because they bought high (30+) then to keep inventory as they are always buying.With Silver’s big dip,magically there is no inventory because it gets put on hold till the prices rise again.

  • MIke F.

    Local dealers are out of Eagles and 90%. The Mint is stealth rationing Eagles. The Mint is not reporting Eagle sales on a consistant basis. Somethings awry, load up now and don’t listen to DA’s like Brian, he’s a silver hating/selling shill anyways!

  • Frank Zak

    Kitco reported a silver glut with overproduction
    at 207 million oz. and mining capacity going up.
    Dealers in L.A. have a glut of silver eagles.
    I am a coin collector.

    But, they told me there appears to be a gold
    eagle and buffalo shortage on horizon. It appears
    people are trading their silver for gold as they
    realize it is less volatile.

    I love silver, just not right now.

  • williamsonbrother

    Hey Frank Z., you better dump some of that chump real estate you bought while not thinking and tap into some of that silver eagle glut, before your bleeding out from those overpriced, shit real estate investments you made.

  • mr620

    Brian is wrong, all major dealers have hedges to protect their inventory. They don’t need to play hide and seek games with buyers.

    • Brian

      NOT Wrong bub….dealers do it ALL the time…when prices are down,they pull inventory because they would have to sell for a loss.

      Silver is easily obtainable and plentiful (you might just have to look a little harder if you local dealer is out)

  • mr620

    Brian, I didn’t say there’s no silver to sell, i’m saying the dealers that I buy from do withdraw silver in low price period. Last Saturday (April 6) a small dealer that I usually go to offered me 3 bars, maples but I bought some junk silver + 1 bar. He basically offered me what he had, he didn’t hide anything.

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