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Gold Fixing Cartel: Oh What a Tangled Web They Weave

by MRH

Lately I have been wondering which specific group (or groups) it is that literally sets (i.e. “manipulates”) the daily price of gold and silver. Well, thanks to 13th Warrior over in the comments section at Zero Hedge, the answer has manifested. The list of criminal scum which is allegedly responsible for literally “fixing” (just like “fixing” a fight or sporting event) gold prices, is evidently also responsible for drug money laundering, financially supporting terrorist organizations and completely destroying the economies of nation states around the globe. As an added bonus the link below also provides names (Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Scotiabank, HSBC and Societe Generale) phone numbers and email addresses! So, the next time you see a major spike down in the price of gold and/or silver you will know exactly who to thank for these “alleged” crimes. Have fun this afternoon or tomorrow morning sending these sociopaths a letter or calling them to personally thank them for their total destruction of all that is good and decent on planet earth.

Names, Phone Numbers and emails provided here

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