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Gold Drops Most In 30 Years

from Zero Hedge:

Previously, levered hedge funds were forced to sell gold on stock margin calls. How long until today’s gold plunge, the largest 2-day drop in the past 30 years, forces funds to start selling stocks to meet margin clerks vocal demands some time around 2pm today?

The RSI shows gold to be the most oversold in 31 years…

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4 comments to Gold Drops Most In 30 Years

  • Eric

    Looks like a “going out of business” sale from the cartel to me. Everything must go!

  • mike

    Ok my question is what does this mean to naked shorts like JPM? Shorting the Market as in an ETF is different than Naked Shorts. If JPM has a massive naked short position say a few years mining supply that everyone keeps talking about then are not they going to go bankrupt? Dont they have to cover thier short positions..Is this finally the end of JPM or do I have this ass backwards?

    • Glitter1

      His call on the Sink Holes seems to pretty much on track.I listened to his last about a month ago and there were several sink hole events since.Interesting! It’s worth keeping one eye on it.Don’t know if there is a connection with info sources with Bix Weir, but he is doing a count down with the release of Silver from the Bankster’s control a month from now,29 days from today.Coincidence?

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