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Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “A State Of Siege!”

from trendsjournal:

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6 comments to Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “A State Of Siege!”

  • Johnny

    Just attempted to go on to the Silver Doctor’s site to view another article. It looks like it was attacked. I’m being redirected to a blank page that simply says “Welcome to nginx!”

  • Larry

    I also see welcome to Nginx!

  • Kimo

    Aloha Braddahs! Brah? I just check Da Silver Doctors and them braddah’s got hacked again. Braddahs must be making that okole swole..

  • monica

    i will forever hold Gerald in my heart and prayers. he is a man of conviction and morals. i absolutely love his discussions and totally agree with him in all of his passion and conscience. i think is beyond the pale that “this is our fucking city” is EVER taken as an appropriate expression of any adult in a public forum… we know what it is like to walk down any city in america and hear the trash talk, every other word f this f that…common, dumbed down expression of someone who lacks education and/or creative and intellectual capacity to come up with a vocabulary greater than a thimble.
    way to go mr. high paid bat swinger…your a classless piece of work. and the people who clapped for you are just wonderful role models for our young people on how to conduct themselves.

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