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DOMESTIC TERROR RED ALERT: 2 Explosions Near Finish Line of Boston Marathon – Serious Injuries Reported [FALSE FLAG ?]

[Ed. Note: God help us. Here we go… Likely to be called “an act of domestic terrorism” (state-sponsored no doubt) to be blamed on… who? Stay tuned.]

by Erin McClam, NBC News:

Two explosions were heard near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, witnesses told NBC News.

Will Ritter, the spokesman for a Massachusetts Senate candidate, said that he heard what sounded like two explosions and saw smoke rising near the Boston Public Library. He said that he saw three fire engines and police running to the site.

“We heard two really large explosions in rapid succession, about a second apart from each other,” Ritter said. “Everybody kind of ducked and hit the ground.”

Janet Wu, a reporter for NBC affiliate WHDH, told NBC News that she heard two loud explosions. Jackie Bruno, a reporter for New England Cable News, said on Twitter that she saw people’s legs blown off.

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17 comments to DOMESTIC TERROR RED ALERT: 2 Explosions Near Finish Line of Boston Marathon – Serious Injuries Reported [FALSE FLAG ?]

  • Anthony

    Timing to coincide with the Gun Control bill in the Senate. This has false flag potentially written all over it.

    • SGT

      This happens IN BOSTON… ON PATRIOT’S DAY?? …who do you think they will blame for this… I”ll give you one guess…

    • Charlie Foxtrot

      That makes tons of sense. You’re a real genius, pal.

      The Demoncrats clearly wanted to force their bomb-control legislation down our throats.

      Well. You’re too smart for them, aren’t you?

      • NaySayer

        Demoncrats? You are still stuck in the false left v. right matrix buddy. Wake up. They are all in on it. There is no two party system and they still have you fooled.

  • Scott Sando

    Predictive programing alert on the BBC! The reporter just said paraphrased ” before the marathon was begun their was a 10 min silence for the victims of Sandy Hook”. I guess it might be gun owners they are going to go for

  • Alvin

    Ya, and blame it on Iranians or North Koreans. Maybe Syrians?

  • Kimo

    Braddah’s! There is no doubt in my mind that there is something wrong with todays events. Just take a look around the events that are happening? Stock market is happening, the metals are getting smashed, countries are dropping the dollar all over the world and stocking tons of Gold. You have to think for yourselves and plan for things to come. You just can’t put it past people in the world to to harm to others for their own personal gain. Sick people.

    • Alvin

      I hear ya Kimo. The curtain is wide open and all they can do is set up smoke screens to try and continue to hide. They are running out of rope. All I can say, we are doomed in their last desperation act. They will stop at NOTHING to stay on top.

  • Scott Sando

    I’m no expert in counter terrorism but isn’t the finishing line one of the places you’d really sweep for bombs? Great for a photo shoot though.

  • Drew

    Time to lose some more freedoms and liberties….cameras on every street.. every corner.. watching our every move…as if that will stop anything….sweet…my prayers go out to the victims and families of yet another tragic incident…

  • Troy

    It was probably a false flag, sad but true.


    When are they going to outlaw False Flags??

  • Johnny

    I have no doubt who this will be blamed on. This entire week is significant leading up to the celebrations on April 19, the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

    It’s a no-brainer who will be targeted, the media lynch teams in the MSM will be working overtime to demonize anyone who’s even remotely considered a constitutionalist, libertarian, conservative, tea party affiliate, etc.

    They’re gonna get their gun control, whether we like it or not. And when does the gun control debate (so to speak) officially begin? Oh, that’s right, it’s Tuesday. How convenient!

    Expect Boston “officials” to tell us who they believe is responsible for the blasts as early as tonight or Tuesday – for maximum effect and influence on the D.C. vote.

  • Johnny

    The NY Post is claiming they have a suspect in custody, a “Saudi national”.

    Lets see how they will twist that into a “patriot”.

    Either way, it stinks.

    • Charlie Foxtrot

      Bad, rushed reporting. The Boston PD is now clarifying that he is not a suspect; probably just an example of classic Boston overreacting.

      Don’t worry. They’ll catch the domestic wingnut who did it.

      • NaySayer

        You mean the member of the CIA or Bilberberg or military who did it to blame on a “domestic wingnut” as you call them??

        You think a patriot did this?

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