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DHS Fusion Center Admits Spying on Anti-Government Citizens

from Silver Underground:

In the United States of America, citizens expect blind justice and the right to freedom of speech. Since robust debate is a major part of our democratic republic’s functionality, opposition viewpoints have always been considered “protected speech.” It’s fundamentally unlawful for the government to categorize people based on political views or to apply the law differently on someone based on their opinions. If it weren’t, every administration could just use those powers to silence the opposition’s voices and remain in office forever.

Civil liberties activists warned that merging state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies into one amorphous blob, run by Department of Homeland Security and called a fusion center, could have serious consequences. Such Cassandras were once ridiculed as paranoid for warning that political activists may find themselves facing intense scrutiny by law enforcement as a result. Fast-forward to the present, as local Arkansas media outlet just published comments by Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis that confirm the fears of civil liberties activists — fusion centers are being used to keep track of Americans with anti-government views. Going further, Richard Davis also implied that citizens who oppose government policy may not be, according to his analysis, citizens at all.

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