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DHS excuse for buying billions of rounds of ammo exposed as yet another blatant lie

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Responding to a letter from Sen. Tom Coburn, the Department of Homeland Security — an agency that has no business being armed in the first place — says it’s buying billions of rounds of ammunition in order to “significantly lower costs.”

It’s all about saving money, you see. DHS isn’t arming up in anticipation of a shooting war on the streets of America, and it’s not buying thousands of armored assault vehicles for that purpose either. No, DHS is only buying all this ammo to save you money!

This response by DHS, of course, is an obvious lie. Why? Because a significant portion of the bullet purchases specify hollow point rounds. In case you didn’t know, hollow points are significantly MORE expensive than “ball” ammo (FMJ). Under the Geneva convention, hollow points are illegal to use in war because they cause far greater tissue damage, too. So they can only be used domestically, inside the United States in a civil action, not an international war.

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3 comments to DHS excuse for buying billions of rounds of ammo exposed as yet another blatant lie

  • Warp

    For the Nth time, Hollow-point ammo breaks up rather than passing through the target.

    This property is essential in crowded environments to prevent injury of non-targets from ricochet and pass-through. Imagine the legal liability that some LEO forgot to swap out his/her range ammo for street ammo and some innocent got killed.

    This nuance is apparently intentionally ignored repeatedly by the InfoWars crew and their satellites. Why is that?

  • Ed_B

    The excuse that DHS offers about saving tax-payer money pegged my BS detector the first time I heard it and it still does. If one buys 1,000,000 rounds of ammo, they will get the max discount possible. It is not necessary to by 2,000 times that amount in order to get the max discount. This is utter nonsense. The next time that anyone in the Obama regime tries to save ANY tax-payer money will be the 1st. Somehow, they cannot find the money to open the White House to school children, an amazing experience likely to affect them for life, but they can fritter away tens of millions on fancy vacations and playing golf with Tiger Woods in FL. Yes, people, it really IS all about priorities and the current gang in charge is worse at this than any in living memory.

  • rico

    Cheaper for them, but more expensive and harder to find for us…

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