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DHS Advising Local PD’s of General Economic Collapse by the end of April

[Ed. Note: We’re searching for the original source of this information. Until confirmed, take with a grain of salt. Although we will not be surprised if Max Keiser, who predicted a collapse THIS month, is proven correct.]

from Before Its News:

The source for this was an officer at the briefing. The police department was located in the Midwest and the city has a population of around 300,000.

DHS advised select PD brass that they were expecting a total economic collapse as early as the end of April. They suggested departments stock up on supplies, including that individual officers keep supplies of non-perishable foods should the need arise.

The officer also mentioned that a firearms confiscation protocol would be used and BATFE would assist via dissemination of ATF form 3310.4 data as well other info gathered from gun show surveillance. The officer was previously clueless to any of this and is basically just your typical PD bureaucrat. He was surprised that these instructions were being issued.

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8 comments to DHS Advising Local PD’s of General Economic Collapse by the end of April

  • Mike

    Regarding the editor’s note about Max Keiser, there has always been something fishy about this guy to me. He was hyping silver like no other during the run up two years ago, and then the same with bitcoin right before it crashed. He used to be one of “them” on Wall Street. I wonder if he is fed information still about what is coming, which concerns me about his call for things to really start to fall apart this month, especially after yesterday’s raid to gold and silver. Are they setting things up? About this article, take it for what it is. I have been reading stuff like this for years from these random websites so basically roll my eyes when I see them, but it does seem like we might be getting closer and closer…

  • Tim

    A lot of the stuff that site puts out is misleading.

  • Jambes Marks

    Yeah, good luck confiscating anyone’s guns. Anyway, I have plenty of Alpo stored, my daddy Sean, and the garage. It’s all good with me.

    • JMR

      I seriously doubt there will be a wholesale confiscation of firearms… after all, the people with firearms are, by definition, ARMED. And I expect some of them won’t want to just hand them over.

  • Goober

    I like pie. I hope there’s still pie.

  • vich

    Keiser has lost quite a bit of credibility with me over time. Over a year ago, he predicted a “9/11 type event” within the next 90 days. I think he’s another self righteous scare monger like Alex Jones. I listen to what he says because I think a lot of it fits, but the theatrics really tend to put me off.

  • msgt R.M.

    LOL! there are 200,000,000 ARMED AMERICANS and if each one owns…say TWO guns……thats ALOT of trouble for DHS…..all i can say to these fuckers is…GOOD LUCK…..

  • NH

    what a bunch of crap

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