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Cyprus – A wake-up call: Rethinking money (Full version)

from Gold Money News:

In this documentary we have tried to capture the thoughts and feelings of ordinary Cypriots after their bank accounts got frozen in March of 2013. We’ve also asked them to think about alternative ways to see and use money. We’d like to thank them for their participation.

We believe everyone should have the right to choose their own currency.

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4 comments to Cyprus – A wake-up call: Rethinking money (Full version)

  • Johhny

    When we look back on the global financial tsunami (yet to come), Cyprus may very well be seen as a blessing in disguise, a wake-up call that enabled humanity to look at their financial security in an entirely different manner, thus preparing them to not only survive the disaster, but (for some) to actually prosper in its aftermath.

    Of course, I’m referring only to those who payed attention, the numbers of which remain to be seen, but will likely me miniscule compared to humanity as a whole.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Silver Shield

    Can you guys start to see the Hegelian Dialectic at play where the Elite know their THESIS paper money is going to burn and the ANTITHESIS Gold will be merged into the SYNTHESIS solution of a fraudulent digital gold “backed” currency.

    When GATA and GoldMoney jump on the BitCoin bandwagon something REALLY stinks!

    • Johnny

      Agreed, which is why we must be suspicious of ANY officially-sanctioned “solution”. But we must also not throw the baby out with the bath water.

      I have no interest in BitCoin and likely will never go there, as something intangible is not a viable solution in the long term. But in the short term, BitCoin may be an appropriate alternative, and I’m not at all convinced that it has been hijacked as yet. But if and when this synthesis you speak of occurs, it’s definitely time to move on.

      As far as I’m concerned, you cannot lose with physical precious metals. That’s the camp I’m in and in to stay.


    In a fair and honest world silver would benefit mankind remember (JFK 11101), Unfortunately we are not in a fair & honest world. The Zionist Banksters are in control & they own 90%+ of the mind’s of people. I love Silver Shield’s optimism but the truth is it won’t happen unless we wheel out the guillotines.

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