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Congress Buys Unwanted Tanks to Please Campaign Contributors

from Silver Underground:

From a constitutional standpoint, national defense is arguably the government’s most important responsibility. However, former President Eisenhower warned us that defense contractors might get too addicted to government welfare in such a way as to create a military-industrial complex, where decisions about foreign policy are made, not based on the security interests of the United States, but instead in accordance with the business interests of private defense contractors.

The Huffington Post is reporting that bipartisan members of Congress are pushing to spend $436 million on Abrams tanks that the Army does not need. Similar sums have already been spent buying unnecessary tanks over the past two years. Multiple Army officials are asking Congress to stop sending more tanks. However, lawmakers appear to be focusing on the needs of their tank-producing campaign contributors over the legitimate readiness concerns of the US military. Is the military-industrial complex putting our national security at risk?

Giving Out Defense Dollars to Campaign Contributors

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2 comments to Congress Buys Unwanted Tanks to Please Campaign Contributors

  • Hannon

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, the Army may not want or need these tanks but DHS is just using their name on the tab because people will freak out at DHS getting these tanks after all the other orders for stuff. We’re not effin stupid, we know what those tanks are for.

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