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Chart of the Day: GLD Inventory Exodus

from Silver Doctors:

The graph below shows that since the beginning of this year nearly 250 tons of gold from the vault removed is. A reported volume of 250 tonnes of physical metal would be good for a 22nd place in the world ranking of countries and entities with the largest gold reserves, a place between the 280 tons of gold from Austria and 227.5 tons of Belgium. The chart below contains the data that the SPDR Gold Trust put daily on its website, along with a daily fixing of the gold price.

The exodus of gold from GLD inventories has continued, even as the price of gold has rebounded over the past 2 weeks.

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1 comment to Chart of the Day: GLD Inventory Exodus

  • Frank Zak

    Gold ETFs waited till paper crossed 8%
    down, before dumping their physical
    all at the same time to play catchup.

    All at once 8%, this caused the greater fall.

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