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CFTC Probe Gold Plunge – “No Visible Central Bank Activity” Say Blackrock

from Gold Core:

The CFTC may take a deeper look into the price of gold following Monday’s price plunge. Democratic CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton told Bloomberg TV today that the drop doesn’t necessarily mean “anything nefarious” happened but whenever something like this happens “we got to look at it.”

“When you see such sharp move that is obviously something that raises our concern and we look at the trades and see what is going on,” he said.

Regulators must look out for end-users first and ensure markets perform “properly”.

The CFTC is already scrutinizing whether gold prices are being manipulated in London by a handful of banks who meet two times a day to set the spot price for a troy ounce of physical gold. The CFTC said in March that it is looking at issues including whether the setting of prices for gold—and the smaller silver market — is transparent and if it is fixed.

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4 comments to CFTC Probe Gold Plunge – “No Visible Central Bank Activity” Say Blackrock

  • Eric

    That’s funny. I don’t expect much from surfer dude.

  • Bob A

    COMEX getting wiped out? Shortage of silver? Hogwash! This guy who owns one of the largest suppliers of the metal says people who say such things are fraudsters.

    • Glitter1

      “Rather, he believes the latest decline was caused by the wholesale exit of hedge funds from the gold/silver markets.”
      DAH! Yeah because the Bankster’s et al (JPM,Citi,HSBC,Scotia,and others along with their posse the insider hedge funds,brokerages et al all colluded in unison using HFT)all dump at the same time,once the momentum got going, the HFT Algos just keep the drain in motion. This is all insider trading at it’s highest extreme,period.It’s the World Mob at it’s best and it’s illegal.The CFTC will continue to provide cover for this criminal enterprise along with our illustrious elected officials.

  • dan

    we will get as much info of what is happening in the 20 million ozs of silver from cftc as we have gotten info from sandy hook official police reports….as in NADA

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