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Catherine Austin Fitts: Another Gold Smackdown Coming?

by John Rubino,

Last weekend the disturbingly-brilliant Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of the Solari Report, passed through town, giving us a chance to finally meet face-to-face. In the following excerpt from a much wider-ranging talk she explains the deeper, more sinister reasons for the recent action in precious metals.

DollarCollapse: It’s great to finally meet you, Catherine. The timing couldn’t be better, what with the recent, um, correction in gold and silver. What’s your take: was it driven by fundamentals or manipulation?

Catherine Austin-Fitts: We’re in a world where we have markets and we have management, so the question is which is dominant at any given time. In terms of fundamentals, the global economy is slowing, no doubt about that. The timing of the big drop in precious metals coincided with an announcement that growth in China had slowed. So there’s lower growth, particularly in the markets where there’s big demand for gold.

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1 comment to Catherine Austin Fitts: Another Gold Smackdown Coming?

  • john

    I completely agree with Catherine,they will definitely take the price down again to try and demoralize everyone.TPTB will let the price rise,to raise your hopes,that they are beaten,then smack it down again.But just ignore it and keep on buying,we’ll beat these BASTARDS in the end.

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