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Cartel Rule #1

by Andy Hoffman,

I have written of “CARTEL RULE #1” countless times before; but in light of the current global economic collapse, I thought it a good time to expand on this concept.  For those not aware of such rules, they represent repetitive patterns I have observed in my “TEN YEARS OF HEAVEN AND HELL,” soon to be eleven.  Fewer than a handful of people are more aware of the U.S. government’s daily “manipulation operatives”; and per previous RANTS – like the “DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE” – my range of expertise is far broader than just PAPER PM markets.

By “definition, “CARTEL RULE #1” is thou shalt not allow PMs to soar when the Dow plunges.  Practically speaking, it can be broken down to a more qualitative definition; that is, PMs are not to be viewed as the SAFE HAVENS they have always been.

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3 comments to Cartel Rule #1

  • Ed_B

    In spite of any cartel rules that come along, economic law always wins in the end… always. They found this out in the USSR in the early 1990s. Japan is still wrestling with it and will lose too. Economics is not a game to which we can set any rules that we choose and be successful. We can choose the rules but we cannot force them to be successful. Only rules that are based on sound economic principles, such as sound money and honest trade, will endure. All else is in a continuous state of decline until sound economic principles are followed. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of human beings to try to bend or even break the rules of any system. We will fail miserably at this when playing the game of economics, for it has no sense of humor at all.

  • Glitter1

    Andy is speaking exactly the truth about not allowing PM’s to be seen as a safe haven when the averages are going down. Gold was up $29oz and Silver up $.45oz today, the G&S stocks bolted out of the gate and were threatening to go parabolic, but then they were pulled down,every attempt to break away to the upside was met with the PPT.It was so obvious Helen Keller could see it.When gold sold off by the same amount this week, the G&S Stocks were down 5 – 8%, today they hardly finished up 1 -2% some finished in the red.The PPT is walking around in all the markets, which is criminal.

  • palika

    until silver cant be purchased at franklin an other supply houses… there will be no game changer. the only solution for a correction to the manipulation is real physical shortage. when will that be? it seems it wont be at 28 dollars

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