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Canada has HUGE job-loss in March

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

While the jobs “news” was MODERATELY bad in the U.S. (where the jobs lies are the largest in the history of economics); in Canada where the Lies are smaller the news was TERRIBLE.

Canada’s economy officially shed over 54,000 jobs in just one month. To put this into perspective (for both Canadian and American readers); the U.S. economy is crudely speaking about 10 times larger than Canada’s economy (a little more than that, officially). Thus Canada losing 54,000 jobs in one month is like the U.S. economy reporting a one-month job-loss of well over a half-million jobs. These are CRASH OF ’08 NUMBERS. This brings me back to a commentary from last year which perfectly describes what is taking place now: Secret Panic

We have the same economic “crash” taking place as occurred in 2008, except this time there are no media Chicken Littles shrieking “the sky is falling!” This is despite the fact the banksters can always make BIG BUCKS by starting panics. So why no “panic” here? Because their whole Ponzi-scheme system is so over-leveraged and fragile that it cannot withstand another deliberately induced panic.

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