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California Liberty Preservation Act Passes Committee 6-0 to Nullify the NDAA

from Activist Post:

Dozens of states and local jurisdictions continue to move toward nullifying the unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Yesterday we announced that Montana has taken the next step with Senate approval by a margin of 43-7 to protect its citizens from indefinite detention, and the measure is only awaiting signature from Governor Steve Bullock.

Now California has taken a much-needed step toward rebuking federal overreach. And, once again, the protections afforded by the Liberty Preservation Act are seeing support from a wide spectrum of political interest.

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2 comments to California Liberty Preservation Act Passes Committee 6-0 to Nullify the NDAA

  • Eric

    Man it’s too bad The District of Criminals can’t nullify Federal laws and statutes. Pretty soon that will be the only area left with people left to indefinitely detain. Amazed California finally does something right,

    • Fedup

      If one considers California’s number of “do rights” things against the number of “do wrongs” its act of nullifying NDAA seems meaningless. There are way too many wrong/stupid decisions made by the state government already that is putting them in the hole… so they take money from the Fed to prop up the state’s economy. The state government is already in the pocket of DC, why bother with nullifying NDAA? What a joke!

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