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The Bitcoin Crash… $260… $150… $121… $105 — and Back To $170

This just in, Bitcoin is apparently undergoing a massive correction.

DOWN 40%, 50% and counting… From $260 to $150… $121… $105…

Real time charts not loading. Stand by for more news…

Although real time charts are still hard to come by, we can report a recovery to $170… $145..

No reliable charts all afternoon or access to Bitcoin sites – is that what you want in a time of crisis?

hat tip: Vision Victory

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35 comments to The Bitcoin Crash… $260… $150… $121… $105 — and Back To $170

  • NIX


  • Scott Sando

    And I thought silver was volatile! This some sort of quantum speed crash.

  • Blair

    Max Keiser Bitcoins FOUND! The Drutter Report!

    Ill give a fuller report tonight from the Belly of the Beast!

    • Upstart

      Max Keiser, or should I say ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, and one of the first Sh-tcoin multi-millionaires, has obviously decided to dump, I mean swap, his pretend currency for some paper currency, with which to buy some real money (Silver).

      And that is just one more reason why Max will always be richer than I ever will be……

  • NIX


  • NaySayer

    With the quantity of expose’ going on, with people like C. Duane coming out against it, I wonder if the mysterious founders and early adopters of bitcon decided that the time was ripe to get some of the money off the table by cashing out.

    Gosh, and I was going to sell everything and adopt the crypto currency myself. It might keep water fresh and you tried really really really hard to believe in unicorns and faeries (satire).

  • Slvrizgold

    Wow, you mean one bitcoin could almost buy a 10 ounce silver bar? I think I’ll stick with the silver thank you.

    • NaySayer

      Hmmmm, does this mean a lot of bitcon users will be so scared by this crash that they will cash out and buy silver? could this be very good for the PMs?

  • Eric

    And goldman craps just downgraded gold and told clients to go short. Early release of fed minutes. Crazy stuff. Further volatility in everything should be expected. Build up your powder gang. Don’t keep all your eggs in any one basket.

  • freedumb'sear

    The fatal flaw in Bitcoin and federal reserve notes are the same.Both have no intrinsic value.I can buy up all the available Bitcoins with worthless federal reserve notes,thereby giving the real value of bitcoins at zero just like federal reserve notes.The reality is that a currency should represent some human productivity,and be available in unlimited amounts to equal the potential for unlimited human productivity.That said I think this bitcoin thing is far from over.Seems to me it has crashed before and will likely again.Peace

  • Alvin

    I have more faith in my copper pennies. 120 lbs of them.

  • Bobby

    What a SHOCK!!!! NOT!!!!
    Rollover to physical Gold & Silver?????

  • Scott Sando

    $105 Dollars! Don’t panic, Don’t Panic!! HAHA!

  • John

    Forget Bit-Coin!
    Digital currency can be stolen just as easy as Fiat currency.
    Buy “PHYSICAL” Gold & Silver!

    • Ed_B

      Actually, John, a digital currency can be manipulated and stolen FAR more easily than any paper currency. Keep an eye on the news. I fully expect Sweden’s digital currency to be hacked and stolen by the Chinese any day now.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Bitcoin recovers to $169/bid and $174/ask – at least for now.
    Will it crash again tomorrow ?

  • Jesus 2.0

    Think it’s mostly down to a Denial of Service Attack across all the main exchanges, government hacks hard at work. More over on Maxkeiser

    • NaySayer

      But…..but…..but, I was told this was nextGen software, that it was safe that it couldn’t be hacked, that I was just to old, too stupid, too unhip to understand how none of this could ever ever happen???

      • Ed_B

        Yeah, I keep hearing that as well but have a character aspect that comes in handy at such times. It is a built-in BS detector. Every time the subject of “bitcoins” comes up, the BS-o-meter gauge starts rising until it pegs out at 100%.

        As to “it can’t be hacked”, I wonder how long the bitcoin software could withstand a determined attack from an NSA super-computer running the financial version of Stuxnet? Minutes? Less?

    • Don

      No one wants to hear the explanation. Better to mock and ridicule. Overall I am very disappointed in the way the majority of the PM community has treated bitcoin advocates. Like everyone else they are victims of the parasitical central banks. Like stackers they saw a problem and wanted a way out. The route they chose was different. Rather than educate and make future stackers, most chose to make fun of them and take great joy in their loses. I wonder if they cheer when the cartel takes AG down on a near daily basis? Oh well, keep using the bankers made up fiat, much better than some computer geeks’ made up electrons.

  • The Truth

    The main reason that the rich is taking the gold is because they are getting ready to crash this system. All the markets are manipulated to make them do what they would not be doing under normal circumstances. While many are distracted with Bitcoin, the wealthy are hording the gold and what silver left to secure their wealth. Bitcoin is the perfect tool to get people to place their money into it and then do a CRASH. Reason being is because Bitcoin is not regulated so when the losses come, no one, and I mean no one will be held accountable but the investor. I never trusted Max Kaiser because I don’t know which side he is on. Many of the others who have challenged the Banksters are 6ft and Max is still living with his wealth intact. Bitcoin Crashing will be the mania that drives the paper price of real assets to the roof. The problem is, many will again have their money tied into the illusion of money( dollars or digicurrency) and not the real assets. By that time the real wealth will already have been bought up and those with the paper will be the ones holding the bag. If anyone wants to get real, LET THEM GET THE PHYZZZZZ!

  • Praxis

    It’ll falter. Considering its infrastructure, I wouldn’t expect it to settle above 40, following the same limp pattern down it did when the 30 bubble popped to what.. 6-7? finally finding a solid range around 12 for the longest time before leg 1 of this run up which was 15 – 20. But we’ll see nonetheless. Predicting BTC is impossible.

  • mike

    Tiny market magnitudes smaller than the manipulated silver market..Probably a good idea to buy now. I am sure it was a large holder cashing out and 1 person could easily move this market. There is no other alternative no currency in the world like it so the only thing these things can do is go up and up and up and up.

  • Troy

    Hell with Bitcoins…I’m buying Lead and Silver Bitches.

  • NaySayer

    Mike Said: “There is no other alternative no currency in the world like it so the only thing these things can do is go up and up and up and up.”

    First of all there are many new models just like bitcon out there, like litecon. I think it is just as bad though.

    Did you see what happened today? “the only thing these things can do is go up and up and up and up”????? Clearly that is untrue. My main complaint against bitcon & others just like it is that it is what the NWO elite are going to go to. If I was to believe in a “mark of the beast” problem, then this is it. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are that “mark of the beast” where to shut you out of being able to buy or sell anything all they have to do is disable your bar code in their mainframe.

    • mike

      There is no alternative…Gold, Silver? That’s not money any longer but an asset. Just like seashells, sticks and dirt were money. There is not enough gold and silver in the world to be money..Is price the problem? I would say so..To cover all the Fiat gold would realistically have to be 100k an OZ, at those prices its not divisible. So it could never ever be money. A 1 dollar coin would have to be microscopic. Will gold and silver go up? Yes, a lot in the future I am sure. It might be involved in a few trades but will never be the new currency. Bitcoin shares everything with gold..Its rare and divisible and decentralized. I do think there are better ways to go about the New fiat such as Bill Stills idea of a valueless currency printed by the Gov at no interest. Fiat is here to stay forever. Assets are here forever. Currency is here forever and in the world of debt based currency the bitcoin reigns supreme.

  • Mark S Mann

    In a Nelson Muntz voice: HA! HA!

  • Suzanne

    I never vibed on the Bitcoin thing. Max Keiser is still flogging it.
    I figure if you ain’t got it in your hand, you ain’t got it.
    Starve the beast:
    Get your money out of the stock market because the next bubble will likely be the Dow itself. If you look at the pattern over the last 15 years, it’s always crashed around 15,000.
    Get your money away from the banks… buy your PMs, food and water storage, and store some cash.

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