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Bob Geldof’s Illuminati Loving Daughter, Peaches, Promotes Satanist Aleister Crowley

from MarkDice:

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3 comments to Bob Geldof’s Illuminati Loving Daughter, Peaches, Promotes Satanist Aleister Crowley

  • Sayldog

    Notice the line in the article shown that she “converted to Judaism which is the faith of her husband”?
    So….does that make her one of God’s Chosen people?
    Reminds me of Sammy Davis Jr., who was born to a Christian family, converted to Judaism, then converted to LaVey’s Church of Satan (later claiming he only did it “for the chicks, man”), then back to Judaism, and supposedly had a death-bed conversion back to Christianity.
    So….did Sammy’s conversion to Judaism make him one of God’s Chosen People?
    Is the modern day State of Israel God’s Chosen Nation? It’s Jesus hating Talmudic Jews God’s Chosen People? Jerusalem God’s City?
    Do they deserve the adoration and unconditional support of Christians (as claimed by so many neo-con Schofield deceived Western Christians)?
    Or, as the Bible clearly states, are there 2 Israels – the natural(flesh) and the Spiritual (God’s)? Is God’s Holy City the Jerusalem of the modern state, or the City in Heaven? Are God’s Chosen People those that have rejected His Son or those that accept Him?
    Does the modern day state of Israel exhibit those characteristics of Christ, or the characteristics of a usurping, oppressive, conniving and deceiving people whom Christ labeled as “being of your father, the Devil” and as “the Synagogue of Satan.” Christ wasn’t a Jew, you don’t see Him quoting from the Talmud or practicing Kabbalah, He was of the Abrahamic Covenant, as are indirectly those Christians who are under the New Covenant through Him.
    The same people who funded the modern day state of Israel funded both World Wars, the Russian Communists, and the Chinese Communists. Don’t be deceived into supporting a Luciferian/Zionist Agenda of One Government, One Religion, One Bank.

  • danadoll007

    I know this was posted here awhile ago but thank you so much for this explanation. This has been confusing me for awhile now.

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