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Bitcoin…the money of the future?

In the second of our features from The Real Asset Report we look at the rise of Bitcoin. To help us understand it a little better, we also talk to Max Keiser the ultimate Bitcoin Bull.

by Jan Skoyles,

Where are you on Bitcoin? In our readers’ poll, we found over 50% of respondents already owned Bitcoin, but the other 50% are still sitting on the fence, if not firmly on the other side of it.

When we first heard about it nearly two years ago we were certainly sceptical of it; we knew that new money was needed, we just weren’t convinced Bitcoin was it.

Neither were many other people, or they just hadn’t heard of it.

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2 comments to Bitcoin…the money of the future?

  • Sorry folks, I will stick to silver and only silver!! I am quite ignorant regarding Bit Coin and am in no rush to be enlightened, case in point the massive crash last week. Am I alone?

  • theoptimist75

    no you are not alone. I actually looked into it and it’s total BS. if you were to “mine” gold in the USA in the 1800s you would need a pick axe, shovel and pan. everyone and anyone could do it, millions of ounces have come out of the ground and it is still sought after to this day 200+ years later. BUT with bitcoin being only 2 years old it’s not even close to being easy to “mine”. you need a super computer, with super memory, running 24/7, to solve super algorithms, to “mine” bitcoins. so in other words it’s value is derived by a perceive scarcity of a computer program….UMMM NOOO!! I think I will stick with tangible “earth” money, that has been VALUED for 1000s of years.

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