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Bitcoin Report Volume 40 (Tyler Done)

from Brotherjohnf’s BitcoinChannel:

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3 comments to Bitcoin Report Volume 40 (Tyler Done)

  • AgShaman

    While I will concede that Bitcoin could be conceived as having intrinsic value based upon it’s crypto-anonymous format…it has yet to do it well.

    With all the volatility….you could arrive at your destination a day or two later to find that your gold purchasing power has lost half it’s value overnight. Bitcoin has a long way to go to prove itself an alternative that remains stable.

    The Tylers looked to have gotten throttled. Running around willy nilly about Bitcoins is inviting fresh cans of A$$ Whoopin’s from BrotherJohnF. Hahaha…highly entertaining and a good piece/work nicely done.

    As an aside: I hope Bitcoin survives. The idea of untraceable crypto currencies is not so bad as long as the central banking parasites don’t jump the bandwagon. If they never gain favor of govts…yet remain intact…they could become useful going forward. If they condition the serfs to accept digital “statist” offerings…then, it will not bode well for humanity, because competition….

    • SGT

      Ag, I kinda like it too – aspects of it any way. Not the endless hype, but the idea of being able to get out of this God forsaken country with some tangible wealth. That’s the real value I see in Bitcoin. But not the volatility, etc. And not the fact that this newcomer is stealing all of the glory that honest REAL money like physical silver deserves.

      • Dee

        Amen to that. Your latter point is the one I have been thinking the most about. Under the speculation that BC is a covert operation by the CIA or NSA, it would make all too much sense that it should blast off during the current economic teetering point, when gold and silver are bobbing around as if lost at sea, which Goldman and whoever else mouthing off about losing its mojo, to lead all of the sheeple–and that now includes all of YOU gold and silver bugs who are invested in BC–away from the most important investments you could possibly ever make, physical bullion. Via Natural News and Economic Policy Journal, there is some floating contention that were BC a covert opp, its owners would be vulnerable to certain terms of federal indictment. And oh how convenient that you just so happen to also own all of this physical metal that they can simply seize from you after they haul you away.

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