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Biden ‘NWO’ Signals White House Down

from cgreene34 :

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4 comments to Biden ‘NWO’ Signals White House Down

  • B.M.

    Amen, brother, amen!

  • Hoser

    Fuck Biden. Fuck Bush. Fuck the system. Locked and Loaded and IGNITED!

  • Hoser

    This is an Excellent Video summation of what’s wrong with “OUR” country. Not “THEIR’S, but “OUR” country. That tree of Liberty is looking really wilted about now. As soon as the NWO takes the FIRST SHOT, WE WILL REFRESH SAID TREE.

  • henry kib

    we need to be critical here,usa & uk are very intellegent and they are aware of their main challenger coming up ecomically very strongly and soon even militarily,so from history, they are aware that some certain institution made germany during hilter regime very strong at world war in preparation to any eventuality they want to weaken potential china’s partners like n.korea,syria and extend friendship hand to russia.when biden talk of nwo he mean institution like vatican will be abolished to avoid them supporting china incase world war 3 to create even field for war not like ww2 when they spt hilter.

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