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BBC Newsnight: What has happened to the gold price?

by Jan Skoyles,

After a tough few days for the gold price, and the biggest one day drop in spot gold in 30 years, even Auntie decides to take a look at the gold investment market.

Jeremy Paxman and BBC Newsnight ask a range of expert commentators, including our very own Jan Skoyles, what caused this drop in gold prices and whether investors should be wary of buying gold. Tell us what you think of gold price drops in our new poll.

Click the image below to view the section on gold investing, and enjoy the heated closing debate between Max Keiser and Daniel Knowles, of the Economist.

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1 comment to BBC Newsnight: What has happened to the gold price?

  • Carpman

    BBC’s Newsnight has always been a pathetic journalistic tragedy. Max was poor — he simply needed to state what Jeff Nielsen pointed out re. Comex inventories being drained when ETFs are selling off (the physical is bought while the paper is being exited). Simple.

    Ever since I was a kid I was never really able to see much difference between Newsnight and Newsround (


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