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Are You Too Busy To Stand Up For The Republic?

by Doug Book,

While most Americans are absorbed in their own lives (whether it be trying to make sure they can provide for their families, having a hobby, or just plain watching TV), one thing stands clear. Our Republic is being stolen right out from under our noses. Some have realized this, but some are still asleep.

Allow me to simplify this if you will. What good will just sitting around watching baseball be when there isn’t any more of it because the UN using “sustainable development” (Agenda 21) has decided that the ball field must be returned to the wilderness of nature? Don’t believe me? Look up “sustainable development.” Or how about watching NASCAR, where the motto is “Go fast, Turn left”? Well, isn’t that what our communist/Muslim brotherhood plant Barack Hussein Obama is doing to the United States as we speak? Do your own research. Trust me, you won’t have to look far.

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