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Abortionist Slit Necks of Born Babies in Front of Teenager; Told Assistant: ‘That’s What You Call a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off’

by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News:

According to a Pennsylvania grand jury, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the wealthy Philadelphia abortionist now on trial for seven counts of murdering babies who had survived his late-term abortions, repeatedly sliced the necks of born babies in front of a teenage employee, and once told his long-time assistant (the teenager’s mother) that a writhing born baby whose neck he had just severed was like a “chicken with its head cut off.”

“Ashley Baldwin also saw Gosnell slice the neck of moving and breathing babies,” said the report of the grand jury that recommended charging Gosnell with multiple counts of murder.

Baldwin’s mother, Tina, worked for nine years as Gosnell’s assistant. The teenager herself went to work for the abortionist when she was a 15-year-old high school sophomore.

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10 comments to Abortionist Slit Necks of Born Babies in Front of Teenager; Told Assistant: ‘That’s What You Call a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off’

  • Rodster

    No regard for human life, just goes to prove this society is in decline. So it’s OK to kill a baby under the guise of abortion but a mother who puts her newborn in a dumpster because she no longer wants the baby is a criminal?

    What a wacky world we live in with contradictory rules. 😕

  • monica

    how about a mother who gets her 15 year old daughter a job in an abortion mill with her????….are you serious? what a group of messed up demonic assholes.

  • NaySayer

    Seriously, why does someone keep putting up these stories? Do you intend to give equal coverage to women’s stories of how having an unwanted pregnancy ruined their life or killed their wife/mom through death in childbirth? Why don’t you just stand outside all of our houses with posters you made up?

    It is called freedom and owning one’s own body. It is none of your business. Keep your big government, I will stand for owning my own body and medical privacy.

    • Lp

      Naysayer, dont go whorimg and make a baby and kill it cuz its an inconvenience to you. Who died and made you god? You must think like the elites of the world ( eugenics ). No wonder the world is the way it is, becuz of people like you.

      • NaySayer

        No, it is because people like you can’t resist sticking your nosy noses in other people’s lives and bedrooms. Mind you own business, if you have any worth minding.

  • monica

    naysayer…you are fine with slitting the throat of a full term baby…not “fetus” but full term baby, and the “chicken with it’s head cut off” comment…wow…by the way..that’s not in someone’s bedroom…that’s called a post birth abortion which is essentially killing a child. nice you can defend that…that’s some mind you have.

    • NaySayer

      You are so illogical and not paying attention to anything but your own emotional reactions. I do not believe this is a real news story. This is the same kind of made up crap to play on people’s emotions because they have no real objective rational reason why they should get to stick their noses in other people’s uterus.

      I objected to people posting these stories here with no view from the other side. How about the 13 year old raped by her father and dying in childbirth while forced to give birth to her own sister or brother? Where is a story about that????

      These sorts of stories are just that stories from people who are just sure god is on their side. Most of these people are never talk to anybody else and just hang out with people from their own church and are shocked to find out that there are plenty of people who don’t agree with them and want them out of their business. Someone needs to find a quote from jesus saying we should have big government for their moral issues to be forced on everybody else.

  • beligerant

    Call it what you want but here’s a Bizzare call from 1998 to the Art Bell Show for people proposing to be the Antichrist. He lists the Cardinal Sin as abortion. He calls the economic collapse in the U.S. starting in 2006 (8 years in the future) and tells listeners to start buying gold. Hoax or real but definitely disturbing and entertaining.

  • Iguana Green

    These abortionists are satan worshippers. They make money and murder babies all thanks to the evil congress of Roe vs Wade amendment.
    Lies, deception, murder, blood drinkers, meat carvers, Satan lovers and demons occupy these clinics called Planned parenthood.

    • NaySayer

      blah blah blah. Do you have any rational argument which does not rely on some book which has about as much meaning to me as a phone book?

      It is impossible to have a logical conversation about a topic when people illogically refer to some fairy tale they believe in for “proof” about something.

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