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2013 U.S. silver bullion coin sales may shatter records if trend holds

If American Eagle silver bullion coin sales continue to hold, total sales this year could shatter the previous record of nearly 40 million coins sold in 2011.

by Dorothy Kosich,

The U.S. Mint figures show silver bullion coins sales continued to climb to 3,368,500 ounces for March 2013, up 826,500 ounces (32%) from 2,542,000 ounces in March 2012.

However, gold bullion coin sales declined by 500 ounces last month from 62,500 ounces in March 2012 to 62,000 ounces.

The U.S. Mint hit a record for the sales of American Eagle silver bullion coins in January at a total of 7,498,000 ounces, despite the fact sales were suspended for more than a week due to a lack of inventory. The previous all-time monthly high was 6.1 million ounces set in January 2012.

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2 comments to 2013 U.S. silver bullion coin sales may shatter records if trend holds

  • Mark S. Mann

    Yes, sales records, all while the price drops every day. What a joke. if this is not pure proof that the market is manipulated, I don’t know what is. This violates every principal of supply and demand. These criminals need to be destroyed.

    • chap

      Yes record sales means big demand, but what about supply? How do you know that a huge supply has come onto the market (paper or phyz). If the demand is up and the price is declining that is the only explanation — even though there are a lot of buyers, there are more sellers. Just my opinion.

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