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POPSICLE MAN — Solving the Puzzle of a 200 Year Conspiracy

Solving the puzzle of the 200-year conspiracy to control and enslave Americans through a debt-based monetary system. That’s the job of Popsicle Man, in the new book by Kenneth Anton. The Rothschilds, Morgans, Warburgs, the Federal Reserve – the criminal gang’s all here. Popsicle Man awakes, only to become entangled in current events as the ‘War on Terror’ is re-directed against U.S. citizens, especially Patriots, Preppers and Veterans. Popsicle Man is a timely book, as US Homeland Security arms itself to the teeth, and readies itself to confine American citizens to FEMA camps or psychiatric wards while drones hover over the continental US, ready to target dissenters. Available at Amazon Kindle books.

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41 comments to POPSICLE MAN — Solving the Puzzle of a 200 Year Conspiracy

  • AgShaman

    The end of interview sums up my existence.

  • Upstart

    Excellent interview. Both parties seemed to be on the same level and shared common ground. The result was relaxed and natural conversation, and the talk, along with the truth, just flowed.

    I was amazed at just how much ground was covered in 30mins. The interview provides both a very useful introdution to the book itself, and also as a gentle ‘nudge’ in the right direction for someone still new to these matters.

    I hope the book is a success.

    Sean – sounded like you have fire in your belly with regards to 9/11 and false flags in general. Wish I still had some of that. Starting to get a bit worn out now with the almost mandatory personal attacks which always seem to follow my attempts to ‘wake up’ close family.

    Time is getting short now, so I better try and rekindle my lost fire otherwise some people close to me are going to get wiped out by what is coming. Just hope I can reach them in time.

    Sometimes it is hard for me to understand why people cant see what is front of thier noses, and why they consider much of what we consider the truth (and even old news), as being ‘way out there’. I suppose to someone still inside the bubble/matrix any thoughts not sanctioned by the msm are indeed ‘way out there’. There is afterall a war for our minds being fought. Good thing we have the SGT Report on our side and in the front lines.

    • SGT

      Thank you upstart & friends. I do have passion about the 9/11 issue. The sheeple sold out the world based on that lie by turning the military industrial complex loose on various nations. Ironically, the sheeple, including oh so many “Christians” are now themselves a target of the military industrial fascist complex. But most STILL have no idea. Case in point, the Boston sheeple chanting “USA USA!” after martial law was imposed to ensnare a patsy or two. It’s all sooo pathetic.

      • NaySayer

        I think that the reasons christians are being targeted isn’t because of their religious beliefs per se, it is because christians as a group in the country aren’t falling for the variety of indoctrination attempts that most are falling for.

        In my opinion christians are already indoctrinated with something else, which is christianity itself and thus it makes them immune to another group trying to indoctrinate them.

        This makes christians dangerous to the nwo. Why? Because historically those who believe they are fighting for something more than just money or nationality (their souls) will fight harder and longer than others. Also, christians have already existing social/church groups and institutions which will make resistance easier to tack onto these existing organizational structures.

        Because of these things, christians ARE in fact a large danger to the nwo globalists and they are right to fear their resistance to their takeover. It shows the globalists are paying attention to who might beat them if they keep on with this move their are making for global dominance.

        • AgShaman

          FM 3-39.40 refers to them as RP’s DC’s and CI’s.

          Don’t worry….the minimum standards for detainee treatment account for free exercise of religion.

          At least that’s what chapter 1 page 10 outlines, though I have my doubts….and I sense Christians will be handled in a specific manner not mentioned in the army field manual.

        • viewpoint

          Amen to that!

  • Bob A

    Now this just takes the cake. Something tells me our govt wants the mom, dad, and aunt to go away, and just let the 19 year wither away in a cell. What cluster mess.


    Excellent book for waking up the newbie. If one wants to go deeper into the rabbit hole I recommend Bloody Zion by Edward Hendrie & The Ruling Elite by Deanna Spingola. This evil cabal goes back much further than the 17th Century.

    • WALDO

      Sorry forgot to mention; Secret Empire by Cushman Cunningham & The Secret Empire, Part II: The Sinister Forces Behind World Conquest and Revolution by Cushman Cunningham

  • Cleburne61

    Great interview! Thanks SGT!

  • Happened to come upon this video clip. And you not the only ones blowing the whistle, and that is all great, because it opens some people to the reality that we are living and educate a bit more, those of us, who are more keen towards things like these. However;if I may add just a brief but truthful comment. The truth of the matter is that, what ever is going to happen, and is happening, will continue to happen. For it has been written and Prophesied in The Bible. But..we can take some steps though. And one very important one is, to give your heart to Jesus Christ, for starters. After that, what ever He leads you to do, to accomplish His will. Pray for Israel. And see His Prophesied Word unwind in front of your eyes. It’s gonna get worst!! God bless!

    • WALDO

      Please do not insult the intelligence of gullible Christians by making them believe they must support Rothschild established imaginary land of Israel by imaginary Jews who have no DNA claim to a semetic race in the Middle East for the true goal of a NWO based on a Talmudic supremacy ideology.

      The world recognizes Israel & their military arm the USA for what they are, evil & as Jesus Christ has stated of the synagogue of satan.

      This lie is getting warn out just like the holocaust.

      • Jacobson

        Israel was created 4000 years ago while U.S was created few hundred years ago .
        The Rothchilds doens’t own Israel , they maybe tried but they lost their control –
        The NWO thing and the Rothchilds want to eliminate Judaism but the people of Israel are not following the hollow secularism .
        Religious jews are following their rabbis more than political leaders .
        The state of Israel is doing everything it can to destroy Judaism :
        Unkosher food , consturcting synagogues to divert people from craving the 3rd temple ,
        Letting jews settle in places that used to be phillisites places while uprooting jews from their houses in Judaia & Samaria (west bank) who used to be jewish cities thousands of years ago and were bought by our founding fathers (Abraham,Issac,Jacob) cities like Hebron,Neblous and Jericho .

        All of this beacuse of the same evil root who pursue the jews for so many years –
        Just beacuse REAL jews are not giving a damn shit to leaders like Omamba or roman emperors .

        • WALDO

          Sorry you lost then, you will lose now…..make your move & the world will unite against the Chabad-Lubavitch Aka False Hebrews Aka pharisees Aka, Synagogue of satan.

          • Jacobson

            Lost then ? when ?
            will lose now ?
            don’t be so sure .

            Jews are fighting for liberty more than any other nation in the world .
            Ask jesus .

            This time , things are different .
            This time is pay time .
            The time for the world to pay .

            U.S will sink under the ocean .

        • Jacobson

          The state of Israel , kicking jews from their houses :


            • Jacobson

              Ofcurse you do .
              It’s you filty country causing all this .

              But don’t forget to blame the jews in the next topic .

              • WALDO

                Our Founding Fathers & Jesus Christ kicked the Money Changers out we will do it again. Have a nice trip to Hell.

                • Jacobson

                  Your founding fathers kicked the native americans – they were all criminals but its hard for you americans to admit that your freedom was built on other people’s graves .

                  Jesus was the most famed ISRAELI JEW ,
                  Just like other jewish leaders he wanted to fight the evil root of hegemony .
                  You think just about the money issue and that’s your problem .
                  When jesus fought the money changers he did this beacuse he said it is blasphemy to do business outside the jewish temple .
                  During this times , the israeli coin was a SILVER SHEQEL , the word “sheqel” in hebrew means “weight” or “scale” and that’s where the word “scale” came from (don’t forget this the next time you scale your percious metals) .
                  Jesus fought the mixing of money and spirituality !
                  Jesus fought the ROMANS – the people who 300 years after they murdered him , made him to be their god , and established the church (Romans – Rome – Italy – Vatican) .

                  It’s funny how a small jewish sect turned into “christianity” and took over the world with crusades .

                  The trip to hell is yours .

                • Jacobson

                  I forgot to mention how the jews revolted against the titanic roman empire .

                  I wait for the day that jews will revolt against the modern roman empire , a.k.a “the great satan” .

              • WALDO

                Jewish Racism

                Deuteronomy 7:6

                “For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.

                The Jewish Genocide of the Native American

                Christopher Jon Bjerknes



                A few centuries ago, the Jews sent Christopher Columbus over to the Americas in search of a new homeland for the Jews. Europeans had tremendous technological advantages over the Native American “Redskins” and chased them onto ever shrinking reservations in their own land, then eventually genocided them.

                The Jews have a similar plan to eliminate the new Native Americans, the Whiteskins. They are dumbing you down and encourage you to abandon your civilization and envision yourselves as primitive savages living off the land. They are Bolshevizing you with a bizarre and brutal romanticism of the postmodern savage, be it in the form of an Amish wannabe, or a barricaded and isolated prepper.

                The Jews have you dreaming of forcing yourselves onto reservations in your own land, prisons which will shrink as the lands of Palestine have shrunk, as you will negotiate with the treasonous and aggressive Jews for less and less of what is already your own land.

                At the same time, the Jews are helping the Asians to seize the technological advantage over you in preparation for their takeover of America and concurrent genocide of the Native American Whiteskins.

                And who is it who is planting these suicidal thoughts in your gullible heads? The Jews’ controlled opposition of Libertarians and many White Nationalists.

                But the Redskins were at least brave enough to fight for their land. You are cowards who prefer retreat and inevitable death, to the fight. It is pathetic and sickening to see how gullible and cowardly so many of you are. Will you never wake up and realize that the easiest and only sane course of action is to stand and fight for yourselves, your families and your nation? Has the millions of years of animal evolution left you without any will to survive, any fight instinct to counter your cowardly desire to take flight? How can you let a tiny minority lead you by the nose into the slaughter house with a few psychological parlor tricks and a controlled opposition? Have you no brains at all, or have you lost them all together?

                • Jacobson

                  Jews came to israel beacuse of religious reasons ,
                  US control the middle east beacuse of OIL .
                  Thats the whole difference .

                  When Israel & arabs will unite , US will lose control in few days .

                  I didnt read your racist comment beacuse I dont care what you think of jews .

        • Judah-Dan

          Who among us have a hebrew heritage? For anybody interested in the answer to this question I recommend reading the book “God’s covenant people: Yesterday, today, and forever” by Ted R. Weiland. The information in this book ought to be common knowledge. Unfortunatly I don’t think it is.

  • Adriana

    Im so happy and proud you did such a excellent explanation along with your guest, Shan thank you and God bless you, we living in a interesting times where the information is a key for life or death and the true is in from of us and whithin us recognize the elephant in the living room is obvious for who wants to open his eyes and see the real picture, history is repeating over and over no matter how advance or not the blue print is the same evil and good fighting for our lifes and souls, you are really warrior one of my favorite who inspire hope and work against this evil force, who knows the true is a deadly weapon what Jesus show us 2000 years ago and be a warrior is not easy job but the rewards is out of this world and is worth it , we are a legion of peace, GOD knows everything under the sun so lm happy to be part of your group. Think about how different and better you are before you weak up , is really amaze me the real world is, you get it ja ja ….
    Thank you again brother …………….love is the key………

  • Joanne

    Found the Kindle edition on Amazon. Where does one find the hardcover book?

    • Jacobson

      NWO is jewish agenda ?
      I’m tired of your racist comments .

      The jewish people never looked to control others ,
      jewish people never conquerd other nations ,
      jewish people never went to crusades in order convert others ,
      jews never setteled and founded countries around the world ,
      jews never knelt in front of human beings who claimed to be gods ,
      jewish people were pursued and murdered more than any other ethnic group ,
      it’s the first time in the last 2000 years that the jews have an army .

      U.S & EU conquered most of the world ,
      U.S & EU invaded countries and crashed regimes ,
      U.S & EU robbed oil,gold and other goods from other countries ,
      U.S & EU went to crusades to convert people and killed hundreds of millions by the name of their religion .
      Europians setteled wherever they could
      U.S & EU always had a strong militrary and they used it to rape others .

      • John Adams

        Cut the crap Jacobson.

        Those interested click the link and read the whole thread.

        People are waking up to the Jewish = Satanism Agenda.

        Jews worship Satan. It’s the real Jewish God. They sacrifice chickens to Satan and publicly acknowledge it.

        Click the link and read.

        Open your eyes to the “taboo”, unfortunate yet indisputable truth.

        Enough with your lies Jacobson. People are going to continue to wake up.

        • Jacobson

          You call me to cut the crap ?

          Jews worship the satan ?
          As a proud jew , I’m letting you know that “satan” is not a jewish figment .
          Check the books in the church , tell me if you find this red horned character ,
          beaucse in judaism the equivalent to “satan” is “evil inclination” .

          Jews sacrifice chickens from the days that other nations sacrified human beings and in order to expiate the human victims .
          The chicken is usually given to poor families so they’ll have food for the feast.
          Imagine that every family in U.S will donate a turkey to other family in need – I’m sure many people in US that live on food stamps will be happy to get a turkey for the holiday .
          And that’s the difference , you look for a path of hate and evil , while I follow the positive .

          Show me one thing that I said and is a lie .
          You spread lies of hate and jealousy .

      • Brian

        Its not only A jewish agenda,there are some corrupt jews involved,but they are not the sole blame here but more so fronts(just like the Illuminati)…look to Rome..the Papacy and the 10 Kings

        history shows the Jesuits and the pope rulers are the highest players (under Satan)

        • Jacobson

          Yes but jews are the ones to be balmed when shit happens …
          It all started with the blame of Judas (judas=judah=jewish) ,
          continued through inquisition , the claims that jews bake bread with childrens blood , etc.
          the french revolution – the jews ,
          colmbus and the american founding fathers were all puppets for the jews ,
          the new deal was called the “jew deal” (of course) ,
          the jews are responsible for the crash of germany and also hiroshima & nagasaki
          and now they are responsible for the 9.11 , the collapse of the dollar , NWO , Fema camps , the gun grabbing , earthquakes , tsunamis , cancer .
          and thats just the begining !

  • viewpoint

    It is written, After the vision of these things I looked, and there was a great number of people, so many that no one could count them. They were from every nation, tribe, people, and language of the earth.

    Revelation 7:9

  • Popsicle Man is curently only available as an eBook. See for information on downloading free apps to read the book on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet. A paperback version is in the works and will be available as soon as there is sufficent demand for it. Thank you for your interest.

  • I see many posts stirring up conflict between Jews and Christians. These comments are misguided. The conflict is not between religions but between those in the banking cabal who think they are gods and above religion, the so-called Illuminati. They use religion to create conflict, animosity and wars and from such they profit. All three major religions have more in commone with each other than these self appointed Gods. Religious people share a belief in God, have a strong sense of morality and cherish their family. There is really no basis for conflict between any of these religions, so step back and observe the manipulation behind the scenes. I also do not subscribe to some supernatural powers of this cabal. They are real people ambitious, cunning, manipulative and diabolic in their determination to run the world, even if they have to destroy it and most of the people in it.
    It’s time for a real awakening or they will destroy us!

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