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Evidence the Decoupling has started???

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

My turn to pluck out some of the mainstream’s anti-gold propaganda. What makes this piece a little more instructive is that (as often happens with Liars) some important Truth leaks out as they engage in their bashing.

…Ten days of pessimism flared into gold’s worst rout since 1980 this week, with selling so strong it knocked the world’s third-biggest exchange-traded fund further below its asset value than any time in a year.

Want some further clarification of what the Propagandists mean? …Selling pressure on April 15 sent the ETF more than 3 percent below the value of its gold, the biggest discount since February 2012

Now while some ‘modest’ 3% discount on phony “paper gold” may not seem significant from the standpoint of a Decoupling, understand that SIMULTANEOUSLY the “premiums” on real gold and silver are near/at their highest levels ever.

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1 comment to Evidence the Decoupling has started???

  • Iguana Green

    Now wait a minute. Premiums aren’t higher than ever. They are just as high as they were weeks ago because:
    No one is selling Gold or Silver. So there’s no NEW silver ot Gold to buy at these low prices. there is only old silver and gold in the backrooms and glass cases of coin shops. The low prices of today reflect ONLY the paper markets. they are scurring like rats from the sinking ship. if you sell your metal, they will buy it! For the low price they manipulated. Never sell. Hold. Hold today. Hold tomorrow. Hold forever!

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