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“World War Z” Will Fit Right in the Illuminati’s Agenda

from Vigilant Citizen:

Brad Pitt’s next movie will apparently be about martial law, massive depopulation and a devastating crisis that would most likely lead to a one world government. In short, will be another movie portraying the future in a very specific, Illuminati-friendly way. The movie will be an adaptation of the book of the same name – but completely rewritten to feature less social commentary and more Brad Pitt. More importantly, it will contain a whole lot of predictive programming. Watch the trailer.

The trailer begins with a little girl innocently asking: “Daddy, what is martial law?”. This basically announces what the movie will be about: Drilling in people’s head’s the concept of martial law and total government control in times of crises. In my article named ‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses, I explained how the movie Contagion used the fear of  disease to normalize the concept of martial law. In case you don’t know martial law can usually be defined by the imposition of military rule and the suspension of civil liberties such as searches and seizures, freedom of association, and freedom of movement.

World War Z will use the fear of a zombie apocalypse to normalize the same concepts. Furthermore, zombies is a great way to portray the masses as a bunch of brainless animals that need to be destroyed.

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2 comments to “World War Z” Will Fit Right in the Illuminati’s Agenda

  • Troy

    Daddy, what did the President mean by “change”. Well sweetheart, he wants to destroy Americans wealth through healthcare and inflation, and destroy the very fabric of all that is written in the constitution…furthermore depopulating the world with cancer by using fluoride, food additives, and weaponized genetically modified fruits and vegetables. Keeping the American endless war going, using remote killer drones, chemtrails, HAARP to harm other countries with the weather, and infecting nations with viruses. That, my sweetheart is the change that he was talking about.

  • Andy

    This film has predictive programming written all over it.

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