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10 Reasons Liberals Regret Voting for Obama

by Michael Carter, Jr, Wealth Wire:

They thought they were voting for someone who would look out for the common man. Instead, they got a scam artist intent on crushing the common man.

Here’s 10 Reasons Liberals Regret Voting for Obama:

  1. Extended Patriot Act

  2. Protects Bush Administration War Crimes as State Secrets

  3. Protected Bank Executives that Misused Bailout Funds

  4. Approved Drone Strikes that have Murdered thousands of Innocent People

  5. Continues to allow Wiretapping without Warrants

  6. Increased Budget for War on Drugs

  7. Hired JP Morgan Defense Lawyer to head the SEC

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1 comment to 10 Reasons Liberals Regret Voting for Obama

  • Eric

    11. Spending $195 million to renovate guantanamo. Libtards are dumber than a bag of hammers with a big hole in the bottom. Put down the Harry Potter and Twilight series and read a history book that makes you think for once in your life. I can’t even talk to them anymore.

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