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Your Weekend Reading Assignment

from TF Metals Report:

Our friend, Jim Willie, has penned something he calls the “most important article he has ever written”. Good thing you have three days to study it.

So, I ask you to please take the time to read and study this article. Events are unfolding today that seem to fit rather neatly into the narrative that The Golden Jackass has espoused for nearly a decade. Of course, no one can predict future events with 100% accuracy and certainty, but as you know, Jim is far better than most at perceiving and assessing The Big Picture.

In reading this just-released article, you’ll see that many of the “dots” he has followed for years are finally connecting and leading to a monumental conclusion. The ultimate restructuring and reordering of the global financial system and power structure may not play out precisely as he has detailed here but, given the accuracy of so many of his other forecasts, you must take the time to consider the ramifications of this latest missive.


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