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You Will NEVER Look At MONEY The Same AGAIN

from TruthNeverTold:

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3 comments to You Will NEVER Look At MONEY The Same AGAIN

  • steelerdude

    Boy….he is burning videos as fast as he can….been watching him (truthnevertold) for a few years…then he faded out for almost a year….now, something has struck
    him that everything is falling apart….

  • fonestar

    Chris’s motto is, “logic, rhetoric and grammar” but if you try and use those to discuss alternative currencies on his Youtube channel he will ban you.

    Chris seems to think we are going back in time 100 years where people sit around waiting days and weeks for their payment to show up in the mail in the form of gold bars and silver coins. Sorry Chris, we are still going forward in time and people are going to want **faster** payment after the dollar collapse than online banking currently offers and right now Bitcoin is leading the charge!

  • Jim H

    fonestar, I don’t see Sean banning people for having an honest debate… if you have seen my posts in the comments section under the Andy Hoffman podcast.. you know that I am of the mind that Bitcoin is a meaningful and legitimate phenomenon. I don’t see your post above as really adding anything to the dialogue.. you are just being kind of rude. This website is a treasure.. I read it multiple times every day. I don’t always agree (I will argue against the idea of chemtrails with anyone, anytime..and I am a chemist). Bitcoin is difficult. It is clearly intangible, yes.. but I try to make the point that we are in love with many intangible things.. the software we use daily.. the interface for our iPhones.. etc. Software and can be elegant, and valuable, and life-changing. Not everything is the result of a conspiracy. We are all in this together.

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