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Why Western Banks Are Being Destabilized

from The Daily Bell:

In a previous post, I explained that banks are inherently fragile. One way to make them more robust is to increase equity capital requirements … A genuinely radical approach would be to kill banking as we know it. Rip all banks, large or small, in two – separate deposit-taking from credit-creation. Back the deposits one-for-one with reserves at the central bank. Then fund loans not with deposits or other money-like liabilities but by tapping investors who understand they’ve put their savings at risk. This approach, unfamiliar as it sounds, has a long and distinguished academic lineage. Luminaries such as Irving Fisher, Milton Friedman and James Tobin have all advocated it. – BusinessWeek

Dominant Social Theme: Get rid of these pesky banks.

Free-Market Analysis: Gradually the liniments of banking reform are becoming clearer. It began as a low drum roll with the resurgence of Greenbackerism and has continued to expand. We’ve tracked these ideas and have been regularly attacked for pointing out the “campaign-like” nature of what is now in the works.

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