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When Did Grandpa’s Shotgun Get a High Capacity Magazine?

Standard Hunting Shotguns have a higher capacity then so called “hi-capacity” magazines.

by Dan Roberts, AmmoLand:

As Bumblin Joe Biden recently chortled, and as so many other ignoramuses have parroted, “a shotgun is all you need for defense of your home !”

So lets look at that shall we?
Your standard, non scary looking hunting or “sporting” shotgun generally has a magazine capacity of 3 to 5 shells, plus one in the chamber. Since 12 gauge shotguns are far and away the most popular shotgun, we will use that example.

A double aught buckshot shell holds 9, roughly .32 caliber projectiles, while other less powerful shells, such as “bird shot” can hold as many as 30, albeit smaller individual projectiles. That being said, while bird shot is clearly no where near as devastating as OO buckshot, if its powerful enough to bring down a goose, duck, pheasant, grouse or other game bird at ranges of 50 ft, I still wouldn’t want to be shot with it !

Each time the trigger is pulled, 9 to as many as 30 individual pellets, or for our argument  “rounds” are fired out the barrel at one time, with little if any control over where they go beyond general point of aim and whether or not the shotgun is equipped with a choke to control the spread.

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