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What’s Really Behind Israel’s Latest Mea Culpa Over the Gaza Flotilla

by Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire:

Hawks, doves and skeptics will certainly be arguing about what this latest announcement really means.

In what looks like a rare diplomatic change of heart this week, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has issued an apology over Israel’s role in attacking a Turkish humanitarian flotilla which tried to break Israel’s humanitarian blockade of Gaza in 2010.

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also agreed to accept the Israeli apology and to normalise relations between the two nations, relations which abruptly broke down following the UN report in 2011 which made public the storming of Gaza bound aid flotilla. Turkey has also agreed to drop its criminal charges against Israeli military brass, including those against former chief of staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi.

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1 comment to What’s Really Behind Israel’s Latest Mea Culpa Over the Gaza Flotilla

  • Upstart

    The Israelis need to resume their preparation work on their ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ in Georgia, and ready it for its proposed role in what may be coming. They need to overfly Turkey to do it. Resumption of Israeli military flights to Georgia would not bode well for world peace.

    The two most dangerous, warlike, and out of control nations on earth are clearly the US and Israel. Picking on nations who can barely fight back is their MO, however emboldened by the succesful plunder of middle eastern and central asian nations, and their ‘holding back’ of Pakistan from taking any action against drone strikes, and lets not forget water rich and resource rich (off the coast)Syria, they again look towards other nations to bully/rape/pillage.

    But as has been the downfall of many a bully, Israel and the US will eventually pick a fight with someone who will not only punch them in the face, they will proceed to kick the living s–t out of them and ensure they never bully/rape/pillage again in their lifetime. Could the nation who ‘teaches a lesson’ to Israel and he US be Iran? Could it be China?, Could it be Russia? Who knows, but the way the US and Israel are going it could be all 3 all at once. That would be lights out for everyone.

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