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What Science Really Says about Religion

by Thomas P. Sheahen, American Thinker:

In the March 25 issue of The Weekly Standard, the lead article entitled “The Heretic” deals with philosopher Thomas Nagel, who has abandoned his long-held perspective on philosophy and religion. This has caused consternation and alarm among contemporary philosophy professors, the great majority of whom are strongly committed to an atheistic world-view. A recurring assertion by members of that profession is that they are being very scientific, because science disproves religion.

The question arises, “Where did the idea come from that science disproves religion?” It didn’t come from within science; rather, it’s the province of non-scientists making statements about science. To understand its origins, the foremost thing to note is that academic philosophers are by and large a group with limited understanding of science — having passed their science requirement in college, most haven’t gone deeper to investigate real science and discover the limits of science. Their familiar claim that science supports atheism result from their misunderstanding of science.

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