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“We Are Not Making This Up”

from Zero Hedge:

The Dutch Finance Minister chaired the meeting on Cyprus. He was the one that directed the entire affair on Cyprus and the template that he revealed was first denied then admitted, then denied by the ECB and confusion reigned supreme. Now here comes the first pig; the representatives of the Eurozone finance ministries released a document this morning stating that Cyprus was not the template for future bail-outs. I suppose it was initially written in German and translated into English however they must have forgotten to translate it into Dutch. This is because when the Dutch Finance Minister was asked about this document, and he is the Chairman of the Finance Minister group remember; he said he knew nothing about the document. I am not making this up. My imagination is good but not this good. The good news this morning is that we already know which country is going down next. That country is Luxembourg.

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1 comment to “We Are Not Making This Up”

  • Frank Zak

    What went up over the last year ?

    1. Hostess twinkies
    2. Residential Real Estate
    3. Palladium

    Wasn’t there some guy on this club
    whom predicted all three ?

    Palladium rose 0.8% yesterday to $763.50 after Donskoy’s comments. Russia
    to form platinum group metals cartel.

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