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Two Reasons to End US QE? We Can Think of One More …

from The Daily Bell:

Why Fed hawks and doves are both starting to talk about ending QE … Inside the Federal Reserve, consensus is growing over the need to dial back the central bank‘s $85-billion-dollar-a-month bond-buying program — but for very different reasons. It boils down to two sides: Hawks, who want to curtail quantitative easing programs because of the risks they create. And doves, who see evidence that they’re working well enough at stimulating growth that they might soon no longer be needed. – Washington Post

Dominant Social Theme: The Fed has succeeded and must rest.

Free-Market Analysis: According to the Washington Post, there is a growing consensus for shutting off the Federal Reserve’s monetary stimulus plan – see above – that is based on two reasons.

Either it has succeeded brilliantly or it has introduced macro-economic risks that have yet to be realized. We can think of a third reason and will mention it toward the end of this article.

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