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Trace Mayer & Kenton Ralph Toews – Bitcoin: Is It Here To Stay?


Trace Mayer of and Kenton Ralph Toews joined us to discuss what’s going on in the world of BitCoin. While BitCoin itself may not be the final answer to the monetary system’s woes, it certainly has a number of advantages that conventional currencies don’t possess. It is impossible to confiscate, to censor and it has never been compromised. It’s open source and the government doesn’t know what to do about it. Whether it will stay a store of value, no one can be certain of. However, it’s value vis-a-vis all fiat currencies has skyrocketed. Where it’s heading is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain, BitCoin and it’s successors will become an essential part of the economic system.

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3 comments to Trace Mayer & Kenton Ralph Toews – Bitcoin: Is It Here To Stay?

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin is the way of the future! I love it and it is by far the most advanced currency the world has ever seen. This technology is so good it is pretty much impossible to value it in dollars.

  • NaySayer

    Bitcon is a not worth anything intrinsically. It isn’t even as good as fake fiat paper from the Federal Reserve which you could at least wipe your butt with. Invest in this ponzi scheme if you want, but don’t expect any sympathy when it blows up in your face because you won’t get any.

  • 5barhacker

    Sorry bitcoin. I don’t trust you. Your too digital begging to be hacked. So what happens when you get hacked and trillions you are created out of NOTHING?

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