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Top Gold Analyst – “We Can’t Imagine What It Would Be Like If There Was True Chaos”

by Sound Money,

In the 1930′s, when President Roosevelt seized physical gold from Americans, gold mining companies remained untouched by the draconian move. And, while stocks in the United States dropped precipitously and remained depressed for a decade, companies whose primary business was the exploration and mining of gold and silver rose to new highs. Homestake mining, a gold mining firm operating during FDR’s Presidency, was one such company that saw its shares skyrocket over 500%.

A similar effect occurred in the 1970′s, after the US dollar was taken off the gold standard. By the early 1980′s gold had once again reached new highs – highs that were not surpassed until the debt crisis of 2008 took hold, nearly thirty years later.

This crisis, like the deflationary depression of the 1930′s and the inflationary recession of the 1970′s, won’t be much different, as panicked investors hoping to protect their wealth will once again turn to the tried and true hard asset of choice during times of crisis: gold.

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