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The Weekend Vigilante March 23, 2013

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Hello from Georgetown, Guyana,

No, it’s not in Africa. Don’t feel bad though, I didn’t really know where Guyana was either. But if you are looking to go to a place that is almost completely untapped for profitable potential, put Guyana on your list of places to consider.

It’s a tiny country in the northeast of South America with an even tinier population of 750,000… but incredibly rich in natural resources and opportunity overlooked by almost everybody (hint: go where no one else is going). The amount of business opportunities is staggering. As with many such tiny countries like this you can very easily and quickly be in the conversation with all the most influential people.

As we flew in on my friend’s private jet we flew over hours and hours worth of dense Amazon jungle. We wondered where was all this deforestation that the enviro-watermelons (green without, red within) and the mainstream presstitutes propagate. I found out a few days later in a meeting with two of the top government officials in the country that under the Kyoto protocol, the Norwegian government is somehow paying them $250 million per year not to harvest any of the trees in the country. I tried to explain to them that if they privatized all property in the country that the area would make much, much more than $250 million per year. To give them credit, they listened quite intently to all my crazy ideas.

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  • NaySayer

    It is the place where former CIA asset Jim Jones conducted an experiment in what he could get people to do under certain stress situations. It was the site of the massacre by cyanide laced kool-aid of nearly a thousand people’s temple members. This is where the saying “drinking the kool-aid” came from.

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