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The Fiat-Cliff

from Elliott Wave Technology:

I would like to start this piece by recommending a rather thorough and viable chart study of the US dollar by an analyst writing under the pseudonym Rambus, titled Dollar Bears Prepare to Hibernate. Rambus has produced some excellent charts in this piece along with sound analysis, and in my view, provided readers with valuable information and insights.

It is my hope that Rambus and the readership at large will not mind if I attempt to add another layer to his cogent work.

Albeit spawning from a relatively recent and still fragile signal, at present, my work also reveals a long-term bullish bias for the dollar and a contrasting bearish bias for gold. I will endeavor to add value to the good work of Rambus using a monthly bar chart going back to 1971.

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2 comments to The Fiat-Cliff

  • I own and have read Conquer the Crash by Robert Prechter. I found the book to be very engaging and informative. For me, Elliott Wave theory is a great who-done-it. Fun to look at charts “in the rear view mirror”…Hind-sight is 20/20 perspective. There are just too many variables today for “wave theory” to pinpoint anything at all (world-wide mass social communication, algorithm trading programs, lying corrupt stop-at-nothing bankers and politicians, and one of the dumbest populations on earth! i.e. Obama…twice!) They, like all others are just selling books and subscriptions. Fact is no one on earth knows how this will play out and most likely it will be an event no one ever sees coming. Just enjoy today!

  • Joe

    The whole secret to Elliott Wave is applying it adeptly and in proper context, which enables the astute observer to envision a series of plausible outcomes that will later become 20/20 hindsight.

    See the link referred in the article for my take on the application of Elliott Wave Theory.

    Yes, there are too many variables associated with Elliott Wave Theory. This is precisely why it is necessary to simplify its application.

    In contrast, there are not that many variables associated with the plausible outcomes attendant to the quagmire that monetary authorities find themselves enmeshed.
    Granted, no one knows PRECISELY how this will play out however; this should not stop everyone from taking educated guesses on the handful of plausible iterations most likely to manifest.

    Getting educated on these plausible outcomes is paramount. Only after providing a practical level of contingencies and hedging all bets to mitigate the various effects, can one lucidly proclaim that we all should simply enjoy each day. Those that do so without effort to understand and act prudently in light of the issues are embracing denial as an ill-conceived solution.

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