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The Daily Nugget – buy gold, as governments will not be the first to go bust

by Jan Skoyles,

This week, after several weeks of what felt like economic limbo, we have had a fairly eventful one. Thanks to all the events, but mainly Cyprus, gold is now headed for its biggest weekly rise in nearly 4-months as the bulls return to the market.

Whilst many things that have happened this week may appear widely different it all comes down to one thing – central banks and governments will make sure they’re the last to go bust, at the expense of everyone else.

Cyprus caught between rioters and the Troika: Things appear to not be moving at all in Cyprus and at the same time are moving fairly quickly. The country now has four days to agree a bailout before the ECB cuts off liquidity support, which will see both the banks and the government, go bust.

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1 comment to The Daily Nugget – buy gold, as governments will not be the first to go bust

  • Ed_B

    “SVP politician Luzi Stamm said in a statement, “Gold reserves aren’t speculative objects for the SNB or politicians. They belong to the people.””

    A comment like this makes me wonder if any politicians or Fed officials are aware of this. Probably not as that would be an inconvenient truth.

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