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by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

It’s Wednesday March 27th. As is often the case, the big news/real news of the day has nothing (directly) to do with the absurd/corrupt paper-fraud markets for bullion. As is also often the case; the News of the Day conveniently dropped into my lap courtesy of a member of the Community (in this case Zooey).

It seems the Cyprus Steal (for which the propaganda machine has invented a new buzzword: “bail-ins”) is already official policy in Canada for propping up Canada’s Big Banks. It was proposed by the Harper regime in its most-recent budget, and will take effect as New Law in June.

For those still living in the past, thinking that Canada has “safe and strong banks”; look again. As I noted in a previous commentary (again aided by material from readers), Stephen Harper and the Conservative government have DUPLICATED the U.S. housing-bubble in Canada — and they did so after that bubble had already burst. This includes allowing the Big Banks to LEVERAGE themselves to nearly the same, insane degree as the U.S. banks. Canada’s Big Banks (and financial system) are now neither strong or safe.

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