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Storyful – Niche Propagandists Work Full-Time Distorting Syria Conflict

by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post:

The Western media monopolies, the same media houses that willfully and repeatedly told lies regarding “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq to help sell the corporate-financier engineered invasion and occupation of the Middle Eastern nation for a decade, have been very busy since.

They helped sell NATO and its corporate-financier backers’ war of aggression and subjugation against Libya, and has been attempting to sell a repeat of the atrocities committed in North Africa, this time in Syria.

They certainly have their hands full. With the emergence of social media and the US State Department’s overt attempts at co-opting it to execute its geopolitical agenda, it would be very helpful if there were entire companies dedicated to trawling Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to supply the Western media houses with prepackaged, filtered content designed specifically to help them bolster their predetermined, biased, self-serving conclusions.

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