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Sinclair – Historic Events Are Unfolding Right Now

from KingWorldNews:

Today Jim Sinclair spoke with King World News about the historic events which are taking place, the unfolding drama in Cyprus, and bank runs in Europe. Below is what Sinclair, who was once called on by former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to assist during a Wall Street crisis, had to say.

Eric King: “Jim, this is a quote from your March 20th KWN interview”:

“Cyprus cannot, will not, absolutely must not leave the euro. They know that quite well. So the break of the euro market down into the 1.28 area must have sent shock waves through decision-makers in euro land. Cyprus must be rescued because they cannot be allowed to leave the euro.”

Again, you said that 5 days ago and that was incredibly accurate.”

Jim Sinclair continues @

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3 comments to Sinclair – Historic Events Are Unfolding Right Now

  • Scott

    Personally I think Jim Sinclair is full of himself, smug and a bit arrogant. The public photo of him sitting at his desk, wearing gold cuff links smiling behind a pile of gold is in very poor taste. Many families are desperate and hurting right now so as I said flaunting is in very poor taste. He’s not much different than Jamie Dimon smiling behind a pile of Fiat. WTF.

    • clint

      So should we all stop having dessert too? I mean I can still afford dessert after dinner, but some people have had to cut back. Maybe even cut out dessert all together. Those thoughts tip toward the group instead of the individual. Be weary of jealously of others success. And sorry but standing in front of a pile of gold is not the same as standing in front of fiat. And besides the picture is AT LEAST 5 years old. More people hurting now than then and more will continue to hurt.

  • Glitter1

    The man runs a business,has been in the business for over 50years and is viewed as the most successful gold trader in the business. It is said,that if you want to be successful you copy/emulate successful people.Supposedly this is why people fork over tens of thousands of dollars to go to college to study from the masters”so called”.
    Sinclair provides alot of free advice/guidance which he doesn’t have to.If you are wise you read/listen to him and others,otherwise you remain ignorant or you grow from the imparted information from all sources.

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