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Sandy Hook Locals Won’t Talk

from 108morris108:

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2 comments to Sandy Hook Locals Won’t Talk

  • NaySayer

    Why do you think Eric Holder went down there? He went down there to warn people not to talk, not to reveal that this never happened that it was a massive hoax perpetrated on the american people. It was telegraphed in the batman movie and then they did it, just like the Colorado thing.

    It never happened. But what did happen was an unintended consequence of massive proportions. Americans started buying guns and ammo as if their lives depend on it, which they do. Peoplel lie, actions do not. Buying guns is the answer to Sandy Hoax and Americans know it.

  • Praxis

    This guy is right on with the silence.

    I have fond memories of rollerblading at Rams Pasture on the Hawley bridge there. I go to the the General Store to get their fabulous ‘Dickensons’ which they have funnily named ‘Dickerson’ on the menu, every time I pass by on business. Maybe I don’t know the history enough to parse the semantics. It’s essentially a chicken salad bacon paradise sandwich. I can’t reproduce it myself to the same perfection.

    I still really can’t believe this happened, though I can’t deny it, there’s no proof other than conjecture.
    But they (Newtown PD) answer no questions.

    This place is a child accessable drug hive but no one will admit that.
    There are many miscreants in the “affluent” town of Newtown. Newtown used to be the backwater of Fairfield County until about 20 years ago. Actually the schools are a serious fricken heroin den now, which I’m so glad I missed.

    Back in my day, the later half of the 90’s drug trafficking was lower key, mostly weed and some ecstasy, acid and mushrooms. Hard Narcotics weren’t popular, now they are. The ‘words’ DBOG EB66 were an adulteration of DRUG FREE sharpie’d on a wall adjacent to the old cafeteria back when we had the liberty to not be monitored by camera. We regularly frisbeed pickles and tomatoes onto the wall for ‘preservation’ during lunch or ‘free period’ which I’m sure no longer exists. Then, you could walk about the school unmolested. A generation before that, you could smoke in the school!, just use the patio for courtesy. Anyhow, DBOG EB66 turned into a clique meme for us. It’s probably still there if you scrape off the new paint. I could show you the cinder block within a foot. I digress heavily.

    I know these people, they (police) have very politely come to my aid when drunk people have threatened me and others with knives. They’re the best, most level headed police force within a few towns at least. I can’t say much for Southbury which is north across Lake Lillinonah. It really is a tragedy they have to deal with this. The people here are polite and incredibly welcoming overall. They didn’t deserve this despite all the flaws flying around.

    Regardless, the silence is deafening.

    Cheers Sean,

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