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Peter Schiff on Cyprus

from SchiffReport:

Following an interview on Fox Business during which I [Peter Schiff] discussed the situation in Cyprus and the potential broader implications of the crisis, Lou Dobbs, apparently now more optimistic about the U.S. economy, was very dismissive of my comments. But instead of just countering my arguments, he also impugned my character. He effectively accused me of being a charlatan, stating that my real objective was to scare people into opening accounts at my offshore bank.

As I am often the bearer of bad economic news, I understand the tendency to shoot the messenger. Of course, Mr. Dobbs had no way of knowing that my offshore bank does not accept accounts from U.S. citizens or residents (Fox Business does not have an international audience yet) and therefore the only purpose for my bringing up my bank was to illustrate how the crisis was affecting the offshore banking industry; from the unique perspective of the owner of such an institution.

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6 comments to Peter Schiff on Cyprus

  • spore

    I saw that segment live. And the first thing I did was clear out my bank account, stock up on food water gas and ammo. The disinfo is alive and well. Dobbs is a POS!

  • Mark

    I’ve had respect for Dobbs every time I hear him speak on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Foxnews. However, in this case, I’m dumbfounded that Dobbs can be so off the mark. It sure seemed to me that he was trying to discredit Schiff who I have come to respect and appreciate very much for his very clear and steady message without any BS. I can’t say Dobbs is BS free anymore as he has now revealed a little more about himself that I didn’t see before. I think Dobbs is possibly so afraid of the truth of the world banking cartel/crooks and what it may mean to his own wealth in the bank so he subconsciously denies or can’t see the truth.

  • Nate

    I wonder if pep talks will be given out in concentration camps, because that’s exactly what we need, the confidence and enthusiasm! Tools…

  • prestodo

    I guess Dobbs jumps the fence when it suits his purposes of staying credible.

  • Buzz Wired

    Deja Vu! This reminds me of how EVERYONE in 2006/2007 was mocking and laughing at Peter Schiff about calling a housing market bubble. Everyone tried to discredit him, and then he ended up being right. I think this is likely a combination of short memories and their own agenda to continue to prop up the Fed’s Ponzi.

  • The Truth

    Lou Dobbs is what we call a real SOB. Here this guy can see that Cyprus is being confiscated in their savings but then would at the beginning say they are getting what they deserve because they are stupid. What a complete jackass! He acts like the ones making the decisions and already got paid to restore confidence in the US markets. Problem is he never called anything about markets in his life but he is on here criticizing Peter Shiff. These media whores will be in the soup lines or will kill themselves because of the shame they bring upon themselves for selling out.

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