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AvatarProducts Intelligence Report: The IMF vs. Energy Subsidies

[Ed. note: Since when does the IMF have ANYTHING to do with gasoline? My understanding, based on the mission statement of this crime syndicate, is to help with monetary issues, not energy issues. These criminal scum, in order to continually fund their crime sprees, are getting their hands into every single cookie jar available; amazing.]

by James Stafford, Oil Price:

The IMF jumps into the climate change debate with a headline-grabbing carbon tax proposal; Dr John Abrahams talks to us about climate change realities; the idea of the self-driving car gains traction; Shell announces $1 billion annual spending plan on Chinese shale; and a sneak preview of this week’s premium offerings…

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is against government energy subsidies. This certainly shouldn’t come as any surprise for this austerity institution, but its latest report is gaining a decent amount of traction in the media because it’s the first time the IMF has seriously jumped into the climate change theater. It calls for an end to energy subsidies across the board (about $1.9 trillion annually around the world) or for these subsidies to be offset with taxes that could pay for expensive social programs.

Globally, the IMF is calling for an aggressive energy tax that would reflect not only the initial use of fossil fuels, but the damage they cause to the climate. Getting into specifics, the IMF suggests a $1.40 tax on every gallon of gasoline sold in the US, plus other taxes that would mean about $1,400 per year/PER PERSON. The total: $500 billion in taxes annually.

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