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Merkel “Very Happy”, Russian PM Furious: “The Stealing Of What Has Already Been Stolen Continues”

from Zero Hedge:

First, it is Merkel’s turn, which last week was furious at Cyprus for daring to reject the first flawed Eurogroup plan impairing insured depositors, only to praise it for now… rejecting said plan. To wit: Chancellor Angela Merkel, “as well as the government, is very happy that the troika, the euro group and Cyprus were able to reach an agreement,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert says in Berlin. He added that difficulties will arise in the short term because of measures aimed to scale back Cyprus’s banking sector, “but in the long run it will lead to a healthier” industry. That remains to be seen, especially when factoring in the Russian response.

Which wont be pleasant.

The official Russian line is one of a typical professional chess player – calm, cool, collected: Russia doesn’t see need to take any additional steps now, may still agree to restructure loan, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov told reporters earlier.

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1 comment to Merkel “Very Happy”, Russian PM Furious: “The Stealing Of What Has Already Been Stolen Continues”

  • 8Ball

    I thought that your earlier article said: “Merkel Can’t Contain Anger over Cyprus”

    Now she’s supposedly a happy camper?

    And I love these guys who are crying about the imminent destruction and chaos in the Euro Zone… If you bother to read these articles you will see who they are quoting for sources that point out the impending collapse. GS and JPM. If you do any resarch on their past articles you will find that they were blaming those same companies for Europe’s problems. Now they are quoting them as reliable sources on what is “really” going on over there.

    A grain of Salt needs to be taken here to digest all of this crap.

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