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Latest ECB Haircut Offer: Cyprus Depositors -0%, Russian Oligarchs -15.6%

from Silver Doctors:

Reuters headlines are reporting that the Eurozone finance bureaucrats were looking at the same chart we were this afternoon, and are ready to back down regarding the Cypriot depositor haircut- at least as it pertains to ordinary Cypriots with deposits under €100,000 and make sure they remain whole. Astoundingly, the ECB continues to demand that the entire €5.8 billion deposit wealth confiscation level must still be achieved.

As to those unfortunate to have saved more than €100,000 in a Cypriot banking institution (i.e. all Russian oligarchs), the ECB proposes now a 15.6% wealth confiscation!

We will see whether the offer to keep ordinary Cypriot citizens whole while increasing the punishment to those with over €100,000 can induce 9 more bankster votes by 4pm tomorrow when the Cypriot Parliament is scheduled to vote on the bail-in (unless of course 29 votes are still not in the bag, in which case the Cypriot banking system will remain closed indefinitely).

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